Carlos Jerker
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 8 - 10
Birthday: April 6, 2002
Hair color:       Brown
Eye color:       Black (usually green)
Personal Information
  Big Mouth Carlos



  Comic book reader
Carlos "Kevin" Jerker is one of the main characters in the Magic Twig series. He can be also known as "Kevin" known in Devil Adventure when a kid says "Hey Kevin", which is usually his middle name. With Bitstrips, they said that Carlos appeared 123 times in the series, which is an estaimate.


Carlos first appeared in Pirate Adventure, discussing that Pirates are real to Jimmy, and Jimmy said to Carlos that pirates aren't real. But then, Jimmy proved he was wrong in the end of the episode. Carlos appeared 123 times, also as non-speaking cameo apperances.


Carlos is a fan of dogs, and he amits that he hates cats to Tara. Then, Carlos started a quarrel with Tara.


Carlos' education is Bitsville School.

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