Two active YouTubers Raymond and Kevin quit YouTube due to some problems with another YouTuber.

This is Kevin's avatar.

The beginningEdit

Kevin opened his YouTube account in August 2010, before his younger brother Raymond did in October 2010. Kevin became popular because of his early gameplays of Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort. Raymond became popular in 2011. Ever since Kevin and Raymond got popluar with about 1,600 videos and 867 videos.

The middleEdit

On a Wii Party video comment, Kevin got offended by a YouTube user. Ever since, both Kevin and Raymond gave up being YouTubers. Months later, Kevin and Raymond rejoined YouTube and restarted there video status. Both Kevin and Raymond blocked everyone from commenting to there videos. Everyone was wondering why, so they got upset and didn't like there videos.

The end?Edit

Both Kevin and Raymond lost there viewers due to the blocking of there comments. The views were about 200. Weeks later Kevin and Raymond gave up there YouTube accounts for real. Also, they closed there Wikia accounts andDevianart accounts. :D